Intelligencia's executives speak at conferences around the world. These are our past events:

Travel Tech Dubai 2019

Travel Tech ME Congress is the key meeting platform, market place and knowledge center for travel professionals worldwide. Committed to providing travel professionals with access to the knowledge and skills needed to implement the technologies that are changing our industry as well as utilization of new technologies and understanding of the best practices.

This annual technology congress is the travel industry’s focal point for great discussions and presentations on important travel technology topics. Leading airlines, travel agencies, developers, hoteliers and online travel agencies, from across the globe will gather at the 3rd edition Travel Tech ME Congress taking place on 26 – 27 September 2019, in Dubai, U.A.E. to exchange ideas, explore the latest developments in our industry providing travel professionals the juncture to meet one-to-one to streamline the process of meeting the business objectives on a global platform.


 8 - 9 October 2019

Forbes ME Big Data


The Internet of Things is equipping machines with the ability to monitor our every move, enabling businesses to learn more about their consumers without us even knowing about it. We are producing 2.5 quintilian bytes of data each day and that pace is only accelerating. With great power comes great responsibility and with great data comes great opportunity. Our event will be a platform where the developments, trends and concerns of big data will be debated and discussed by entrepreneurs, legal experts, and heads of industry and government.

Forbes Middle East's Big Data's Big Trends

19 November 2019

Ningbo 9th Annual China Smart City Economy Expo

Smart city expo (formerly known as "China smart city technology and application products expo") was founded in 2011, and has been successfully held in ningbo for 8 years. It is China's first national key exhibition with the theme of "smart city". It is also the event that has been held for the longest time, with the highest level of standards, the largest scale effect and the strongest industry influence in the field of smart cities in China. After eight years of success, the expo has gradually become a well-known platform to promote the discussion and dissemination of the concept of smart city construction, promote the promotion and sharing of new technologies, new applications and new products, and promote exchanges and cooperation.



G2E Asia 2019

22 May 2019

Making the Integrated Resort Smart

Forbes Digital Trends

As a digital evolution sweeps across every demographic and industrial sector, Forbes Middle East’s first event exploring the digital world will create a platform for the region’s leaders to delve into the technological innovations and challenges changing the game for their businesses. 

Forbes Digital Trends explores the true impact of 4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, as experts, heads of industry and government decision-makers discuss how the Middle East is positioned, leading or adapting, whether the region is moving fast enough, and what the future holds for leaders, consumers and enterprises. 

Forbes Middle East Digital Trends

30 January 2019

Russia Gaming Week

Representatives of the leading gambling companies from CIS and other foreign countries will gather to discuss the prospects of gambling business in RF taking into account all latest legal changes.

29 - 30 May 2018

Cyprus Gaming Show

The Cyprus Gaming Show (CGS) was the first gaming event bringing the online and offline gaming sectors together for a two-day conference and exhibition focused on Cyprus as a prospective regional gaming centre. Gaming operators, third parties, suppliers, regulators, investors, software providers, the media, and other industry leaders will come together in Limassol to network and gain valuable insights, identify practical strategies on how to grow and monetize their businesses, discover new audiences, and capitalize on the opportunities (current and future) Cyprus has to offer. 

29 - 30 May 2018

Sports Betting and Gaming India

Gambling in India is heavily restricted and the Sports Betting & Gaming India Conference (SBGI) panel of experts and speakers evaluated both the potential and the possible impact of legalized gambling in the country.

27 February 2018

J On The Beach

BetWatch™ —utilizing Big and Fast Data to help sports books manage risk and increase customer experience

7 July 2016