's Top Tools to Measure Your Social Media Success states that there are five Ws that must be kept in mind when devising a social media strategy. These are:

1. Who within the company will be using this tool? Will one person or several people be using the tools and will they be inside or outside the organization? Will the primary user be tech savvy or will he or she require an intuitive interface.

2. What key performance indicators (KPI) are to be measured with this tool? It is imperative to know how you are going to measure and benchmark your social media efforts as this will dictate what social media monitoring tools are the best to use. If sales revenue is a key KPI, businesses should invest in a tool that integrates with a CRM system to track impact.

3. Where on the web will the business be engaging customers, and where does it plan to monitor its social media conversations? If a business is only interested in tracking specific channels such as Facebook or Twitter, tools such as Facebook (obviously), and can help with the former, while Twazzup, TweetEffect and Twittercounter can track the latter. All-encompassing tools that monitor new sites and forums are useful to monitor mentions from across the entire web.

4. When should the company be alerted of conversations and mentions within the social media sphere? Options here include general reporting dashboards or instant notifications via e-mail alerts or RSS feeds.

5. Why is the company engaging in social media? This is, perhaps, the most important question of all, and a business must decide whether it is turning to social media to manage its online brand reputation, to engage its customers and/or potential customers, to provide real-time customer service, or simply to drive traffic to its website to influence SEO.

Intelligencia can help businesses develop and implement the following social media services: