Of the entire travel ecosystem, it is the airline industry that is the least profitable, and has the lowest ROI. Survival belongs to the fittest and airlines have had to evolve and innovate or run the risk of dying and going out-of-business. Innovation in technology, decision support, optimization, customer loyalty, and personalization has helped create the frequent flier program, revenue management systems, and scheduling systems, among many other technological breakthroughs. One could argue that every other industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to the airline industry, but, because necessity is the mother of invention, the airline industry has little choice but to take any compliments in stride and focus on continuing to lead the way.  

Intelligencia's aviation practice can help airlines in a multitude of ways, including helping them wrangle their data, and assist them to develop loyalty programs that will create a level of personalization that passengers recognize in the most important way -- repeated travel. Intelligencia can help airlines create real-time streaming systems that turn the airline into a predictive engine that centralizes data from its worldwide operations, so it best utilizes and optimizes each and every department of the airline.

There is probably no other industry that utilizes as much data as the aviation industry. Every flight of an Airbus 380 creates one terabyte of data and this data should be checked for potential predictive asset maintenance issues. Airline databases contain millions of customer records that have to be kept up-to-date so that passengers feel that the airline cares and loyalty is a two-way street. Competition is fierce, from both major and low-cost carriers, which seem to be popping up everywhere. Commodity prices change by the hour; data might be the new oil, as some claim, but oil is still the old oil, and keeping on top of commodity prices and making every seat profitable is imperative for airlines to flourish.

For an airliner, Data Lakes, CRM/SCRM, Multichannel Campaign Management (MCM), and Social Media solutions can help build a Customer Management Platform (CMP) that gives every one of its customers a level of personalization that not only impresses but keeps them coming back for more even though they are dispersing to so many places.