Alteryx provides oil & gas company analysts with the unique ability to easily discover, prep, blend and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow, which can be deployed and shared at scale for deeper insights, insights that come within hours, not weeks. Oil and gas company analysts can utilize the Alteryx platform in a multitude of ways, including connecting to and cleansing data from their data warehouses, sending and receiving data sets from cloud applications, as well as gleaning information from spreadsheets or a whole host of other sources. O&G company analysts can easily join their data together, then perform analytics—descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, statistical and spatial—using Alteryx's intuitive user interface, which is, if not a code free environment, then a very code friendly one.

Customer Segmentation

Alteryx can be used to do the heavy lifting of customer segmentation, the process of dividing customers into groups based upon certain boundaries; clustering is one way to generate these boundaries. A customer segmentation model provides a view of the airline from a customer perspective: such models have many and varied applications. 


RFM is a method used for analyzing customer value. It is commonly used in database marketing and direct marketing and has received particular attention in the airline industry. Intelligencia has created an Alteryx workflow that can help airlines understand the breakdown of their customer database. 

Customer Experience

"Personalization" is the new standard in marketing. Today, your company needs to be surgically striking offers to the interested market of one, rather than blasting a shotgun of offerings to the uninterested many. We can help make personalization your standard.

Social Media Marketing

Data integration is foundational, the building block for BI, CX, and analytics. Today DI is a complicated world that can include standard EDWs, real time streaming, cloud technology and even live data marts. Let us show the options available in this complicated world. 

Social Listening

For airlines, NLP can help them understand what customers are saying about their company and their competitors. Managers can use these insights to increase customer intelligence and customer service. Intelligencia has built an Alteryx-based NLP solution for the airline industry utilizing Python that can be used as a powerful social media listening tool. 

Social Media

Social media listening, social media marketing and the dark social - these are all important channels businesses must keep up with if they want to foster strong customer relationships today. Social channels are where your customers are. Join them.


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