In a general context, AI plays a key role in monitoring social media platforms and other customer review forums. Since social sharing continues to improve across different platforms, as a result, brands face a serious challenge when it comes to monitoring what customers say on these platforms. With the overwhelming amount of feedback and reviews that businesses can get on these platforms, it is important to have an advanced monitoring tool. This ensures that no harm will come to the company’s reputation, which is extremely important in this highly sensitive culture we’re currently living in. With AI, businesses can effectively monitor mentions on social media coming from a plethora of channels and networks.363 AI can help identify a customer who is complaining about a particular company product or service. AI can be used to identify positive comments from select customers.363 This social proof can then be shared on the company’s social channels, which will help it build its online reputation. A Python NLP script can easily analyze and classify positive and negative comments. Alerts can be set up for negative comments, which can quickly be acted upon to ensure the company’s reputation isn’t damaged by incensed or annoyed customers.

Add Interactivity

On those social media sites, casinos can add content that keeps customers interested and returning for more. All of these sites usually provide widgets that are easy to include on the company’s Websites. RSS feeds, blogs, and podcasts are also great platforms that can keep customers engaged. Adding videos and presentations to a website is also a great way to drive traffic. One of the most important things to remember is to update content often. This is probably the single most important rule of SEO, give the search engines a reason to keep coming back to your site with strong content.

Brand Management

Although brand management can be considered to be nothing but the art of creating and sustaining a brand, unlike traditional consumer-created brand communities where the brands appear to occupy minimal presence, online brand communities are increasingly hosted by the brands. Unlike user-generated brand communities, where brands are often unwelcomed, online brand communities revealed that brand content contributions on their brand offerings and interactions with consumers’ content contributions were appreciated by the community. 

Build Fanbases

Whether you call them “fans”, “friends”, “followers” or “subscribers”, building a community of users for your company will help its grow its customer base, as well as help the company participate in the conversation about its brand. Few would argue that customer satisfaction is the foundation of true customer loyalty, while customer dissatisfaction is one of the key factors that drive customers away and increasing loyalty is what building fanbases is all about, but a company should be aware that building large fanbases and gaining thousands of followers shouldn’t be an end-goal in itself. Intelligencia can show you how to build and maintain a strong follower fanbase. 

Crisis Management

One of the key benefits of using social media marketing is the two-way interaction it gives to both businesses and their consumers. Consumers like it because they can engage in conversations with the brands they buy, while businesses recognize the value of keeping their customers interested and informed. However, this can be a double-edged sword as a customer can as easily complain about his or her bad experiences as he or she can trumpet a good one. Social media crisis can hit instantly. There are no moderators on social networks monitoring the flow of information over this super highway only exacerbates the problem.