EDW & Business Analytics Foundation

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Goal: Set the stage for a streamlined, end-to-end business analytics process that extends from data integration, through transformation, to reporting/analytics, and up to information distribution and collaboration.

Today’s EDWs enable gaming organizations to deliver actionable, timely, and trustworthy intelligence to a range of business users and operational systems. An EDW organizes and aggregates historical analytical data from functional domains – such as customer, ecommerce, finance, and human resources – that align with key processes, applications, and roles.

An EDW serves as the repository for a substantial amount of an organization’s operational history. It offers in-database analytics, predictive models, and embedded business algorithms to drive business decisions. An EDW is a robust, secure, and proven ecosystem that supports integration with data models and security frameworks, real-time analytics, automation, and a broad range of business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools. It is the foundation for BI to support timely reports, ad-hoc queries, and dashboards as well as supply other analytics applications with trusted and integrated data.

Students will learn how to:

§   Automate and centrally manage Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes that can be scheduled to refresh data incrementally.

§   Leverage data to better drive marketing, customer service and other corporate decision making.

§   Leverage existing gaming architecture and data processes to better understand the corporate businesses.

§   How to build ETL processes that provide users with easy access to frequently needed data.

§   How to build and maintain an administrators matrix for users.

§   Understand Key Performance Indicators.

§   Implement data quality processes to ensure models will be built on trustable data.

§   Set the stage for reports and insight mobility.



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