Intelligencia offers classes in the following subjects:


Goal: In this module, Intelligencia will teach students how to optimize their predictive analytics solutions. The increased use of analytics can introduce a positive feedback loop into marketing campaigns, to support data-driven decisions by management, and to make the entire company more predictive. 

Business Intelligence

Goal: Data integration, cleansing and enrichment; extract, cleanse, transform, aggregate, load and govern data. The promise of BI software is that it enables decision makers at all levels in an organization to leverage data for business advantage — to explore data, draw insights and meaningful conclusions, as well as make better corporate decisions.

Customer Intelligence

Goal: This module is all about creating a company-wide patron view, developing and setting the stage for loyalty analysis, market basket analysis, customer segmentation and predictive events modeling. Customer Experience (CX) and/or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy used to learn more about a customer’s needs and behaviors in order to develop a stronger relationship with them. 

MCM + Campaign Management

This module is the multi-channel marketing and campaign management data mart build, as well as the campaign performance monitoring and evaluation phase. Campaign Management solution will enable companies to develop and manage personalized customer communications strategies and delivery of offers.

EDW & Business Analytics Foundation

Goal: Set the stage for a streamlined, end-to-end business analytics process that extends from data integration, through transformation, to reporting/analytics, and up to information distribution and collaboration. Today’s EDWs enable organizations to deliver actionable, timely, and trustworthy intelligence to a range of business users and operational systems. 


Our experienced teachers can customize a class to ensure your employees learn the most relevant information to help them take the next step in their career.

Virtual Machines

We will set up virtual machines containing all the necessary software for each student so that they can have a full set of exercises to work on at anytime.

Relevant Data

We can work with you to devise classes and exercises utilizing your in-house data, ensuring that the knowledge the students learn is relevant to their day-to-day job. 

Interactive Exercises

Interactive lessons and take-home tests will be provided to each students so they can learn and test themselves on their own schedules. 


We are here to help you navigate the complex world of analytics, AI, BI, CX, Cloud, DI, digital marketing, and social media implementations, showing you how open source technology can, potentially, augment your current software footprint and reduce cost. We understand ROI is king, above all else.


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